Fear of Nothing

Fear of Nothing

Clear away clutter and the to-do list and get your life moving again!

Clear away clutter and the to-do list and get your life moving again!

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Change your life by changing your surroundings!

Rick Aster


Clutter and the banking crisis

Economic magic

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Fear of Nothing explains why clutter comes back . . . and what you have to do to take it away forever.

Learn how traditional techniques for clutter, such as setting goals and giving yourself a time limit, virtually guarantee that the clutter will come back. Then learn how you can take the easy, comfortable approach to clutter that allows you to move beyond clutter to a life based on action.

Most of what you have heard about clutter and to-do lists is wrong. Learn the real story in Fear of Nothing.


“Groundbreaking . . . like a Future Shock for clutter, Fear of Nothing helps us adjust to this moment in history . . .”

Fear of Nothing

Rick Aster

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If you think clutter is something you’ll get around to when you don’t have so many things to do, and you think you could do your to-do list if only there weren’t so many things getting in the way, then isn’t it time to find out what’s really holding you back?

Fear of nothing is the source of all the excess “things” that can sometimes make life seem like one big mess. Overcome fear of nothing, and you can take back control of your space and your time, discover the astonishing power of present-moment action, and put the stress of clutter and a busy schedule behind you for good.

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